Perfect for:

  •   Garages
  •   Warehouses
  •   Basements
  •   New Construction Floor Cleaning
  •   Concrete floor cleaning prior to sealing or painting
  •   Concrete floor deep cleaning prior to carpeting
  •   Disinfecting
  •   Cleaning areas that cannot be pressure washed
  •   Removing grout haze from new tile
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Machine Floor Cleaning
Go Beyond Mopping get Scrubbing!

Commercial and Residential Floor Scrubbing services ideal to remove soil, grease or light oil and paint from non-porous flooring. We have over a decade of experience machine scrubbing a wide variety of flooring surfaces.

Our experience with floor scrubbing ranges from large commercial projects to residential single car garages and basements. Our machine scrubbing process is ideal for concrete floors such as basements, garages, warehouses, office spaces and other solid surface flooring.

We recommend machine scrubbing prior to painting, coating, carpeting or tiling a floor in order to eliminate the dust, ensure proper paint adhesion, avoid having the dirt to show through the paint or come up through the flooring or carpeting.

Our scope of work includes the following:

  • Sweep floor to remove larger particles, accumulated dirt and other items
  • Thoroughly vacuum the floor with HEPA Filtered vacuums to remove 99% of dust particles and allergens
  • Machine scrub the floor using an appropriate detergent diluted to manufacturer specification
  • Remove soiled water with water extractor
  • Mop floor with clear water where needed to ensure streak free results and remove the applied chemicals

All of our vacuums and floor scrubbing machines are meticulously cared for and maintained in order to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination and ensure the highest level of quality. We take pride in providing you with quality work, timely arrivals and competitive pricing. We invite you to call or request a free quote today.